Registration is open at all locations for the Spring Tambourine semester!

ESQUIMALT REC:  Classes are Tuesdays and Fridays.   Register online or by phone - 250-412-8500.

GORDON HEAD REC:  Classes are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Register online or by phone -   (250) 475-7100.

RECREATION OAK BAY:   Classes run Tuesdays through Saturdays.   Register online  or by phone - (250) 595-7946 or (250) 370-7200.  PLEASE NOTE:  RHYTHM KIDS FOR 5-7's is on TUESDAY AFTERNOONS, at 4 and 5:00.

WESTSHORE PARKS AND REC:   Classes are Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Register online or by phone - (250) 478-8384.

Show classes for:

Music Together® classes, for children from birth to five, are all mixed-age. Research tells us that early childhood learning is best enhanced in mixed-age classes, in a natural family and community environment, rather than in groupings determined by age. This encourages ALL children to participate, process, and experiment with music in whatever way is developmentally appropriate to them, and honours their individuality.
Classes meet once per week for 45 minutes for ten weeks except the Summer semesters which are six weeks.


Rhythm Kids 2 is an exciting music, movement, and drumming class for children in Kindergarten through second grade (ages 5 through 8). Children integrate and assimilate rhythm into their lives, as they:
• learn multicultural drumming patterns;
• develop new repertoire on various percussion instruments;
• explore movement and dance while singing songs;
• play games based on music and drumming;
• have fun with a host of rhythm activities.
Rhythm Kids follows through on the Music Together® vision to help children complete the pathway of early childhood music development from birth through age 8. As part of the Rhythm Kids experience, children and their grownups can enjoy drumming play and practice sessions at home with the help of online play-along videos featuring Rhythm Kids creator Tom Foote.

•This is an instrument-learning class, so your child will need a drum. Please ask us for suggested sources.