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Everyone at Music Together Victoria is passionate about music and the importance of facilitating rich family music-making experiences.

Our goal is to create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development - we LOVE our job!  

At Music Together Victoria we are all committed to continued professional development and ongoing education in the fields of early childhood music development and parent education, working closely together throughout each semester and attending workshops several times each year led by clinicians from the Music Together® laboratory school at the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, New Jersey.   We look forward to singing with you soon!

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  Jennifer Hobson Roy

Registered & Cert. I Music Together Teacher
Director & Owner, Music Together Victoria

Jennifer has been directing and teaching Music Together since 2003, the first Music Together Centre Director and teacher on Vancouver Island.

Jennifer’s background includes childhood ballet, many years of piano and theory lessons, and the good fortune to have been brought up with a lot of spontaneous music play in her childhood home, which is what she draws on  to keep the Silly Quotient alive and well in her classes. Jennifer has taught private piano lessons, group piano for the very young, and general preschool music prior to finding Music Together. She strongly believes in the Music Together teacher’s job as guide to help parents and caregivers understand the importance of their role as the main music “teacher” in their children’s journey to musical competence, and in the importance of PLAYING with music!

Jennifer has her AVCM (teacher) in piano, from the Victoria Conservatory of Music and was awarded the Certification level 1 qualification from Princeton's Music Together Center For Music and Young Children for outstanding achievement in teaching and articulating of the program in August 2005, the first in Canada.

photo Susannah Adams

Registered Music Together Teacher

Susannah was introduced to Music Together after joining a class with her then 3-year old daughter. They were both immediately smitten by the program and loved having the dedicated time to sing, dance and play together.  The joy of making Music Together with other families flowed easily between the classroom and Susannah’s home, where the MT songs became a staple of her own family’s musical diet.  Even her older son (who did not attend the classes) caught the MT buzz after enjoying listening to the cd’s at home.

With both of Susannah’s children heading to school, she decided that the perfect way to keep the magic of Music Together alive in her own home would be to train to be a teacher herself!

“It is always rewarding to see communities being built over the course of a semester through simply sharing the pleasure of music.

“Gathering in a circle and making music is something people have done since time began. It feeds us, nourishes body, mind and spirit...and really, it’s just great fun!”

A regular at the jazz joints in town, Susannah has been singing jazz professionally in Victoria for the past 5 years. She can often be found singing to her ducks at her urban farm!

photo Bobbi Bartle-Clar

Registered  and Cert I Music Together Teacher

Bobbi has been singing as far back as she can remember, growing up in a house where music (mostly classical) was everywhere.   She remembers a childhood full of harmonizing with her sisters, everything from Austrian folk songs to pop tunes.  As well as playing piano, viola, violin and cello throughout childhood, Bobbi is a self-taught guitar player and is rediscovering the fun of the ukulele!

Bobbi’s past experience includes being an elementary school music specialist, teaching piano, theory and music history, and dabbling in ballroom dancing (where she met her husband).  Recently Bobbi was awarded (April 2018) the Certification level 1 qualification from Princeton's Music Together Center for Music and Young Children for outstanding achievement in teaching and articulating of the program.

Bobbi was first introduced to Music Together as a parent in class with her two younger children, and was immediately impressed by the depth of the curriculum and its mission to educate parents about what was happening musically with their children.  Her family found the music and sense of fun in  class was infectious……..which led Bobbi straight to the path of becoming a Music Together teacher herself! 

A mother of four, Bobbi  maintains a home where daily music-making has always been an important part of family life, and looks forward to sharing her love of music with Victoria area families in her classes. 

photo Emma Gillespie

Registered Music Together Teacher 

As an avid folk-fest patron (since infancy!), Emma has always valued and sought out live music - especially when dancing and audience participation is encouraged!   Emma's  background includes musical theatre...... and a lifelong practice of jamming at home (and elsewhere) as often as possible.  She also really enjoys partaking in the occasional karaoke ballad!

When Emma attended her first Music Together class (with her then 20 month old son and 2 month old daughter), she was hooked.  What really resonated with her from the Music Together philosophy was the idea that music is play.

"Making music as a community doesn't happen often enough in everyday life, so it sure does feel good when it does! One of my favourite parts of being a parent is the impromptu dance parties that just....happen.  I've realized that as parents, we don't need to evaluate our musicality, we just need to participate and have fun".  That's the best way we can teach our children about enjoying making music!"

Emma is looking forward to sharing music and play with you and your families!

photo Sonja Yli-Kahila

Registered Music Together teacher - ON LEAVE FALL 2020

Sonja grew up in a home where her mom was always singing or humming, and where classical music was usually playing in the background.  She has loved music and movement for as long as she can remember, and has taken jazz, ballet, and tap classes; participated in musical theatre and choirs; and plays piano, glockenspiel and flute.

First introduced to Music Together when her eldest daughter was only nine months old, Sonja instantly fell in love with the wonderful songs and playfulness of the program.  Music Together classes became the highlight of the family's week - after participating as a parent for five and a half years, she decided to train as a teacher so she could share her love of music with other families as well as her own!

"I love how Music Together brings parents together in a musical community, where we all share in the magic of creating music.  I have always been in awe of the many different genres and styles of music that the children are exposed to within each song collection.  And it's all done in a way to make it so much fun!".

Sonja is so excited to join the Music Together Victoria crew of amazing and dedicated teachers bringing music to families around Victoria.

photo Nicole Baker

Registered Music Together Teacher - ON LEAVE FALL 2020

Nicole grew up surrounded by music - from her beloved grandfather singing and playing standards from his youth (on any instrument he could get his hands on!), to frequent and enthusiastic family sing-alongs around the piano (with her mother as the bandleader!)

Nicole has been performing and making music of her own pretty much as long as she can remember.  When she had her own child, sharing her deep love of music  with him came naturally -  singing and dancing are  a part of everyday life at Nic's house... much as it was in her own childhood.  "The more we create music ourselves, the more we free our children up to do the same – I am really passionate about the importance of families making music together”.

As well as singing and songwriting herself (and playing a few instruments) Nicole loves to support local and arts.  She has a background in volunteering and in being the first one on the dance floor!.  She is very excited to continue sharing a love music and community with local families!