Health and Wellness

Music Together Victoria Tips on Health and Wellness

Your family's health is important to us.


Keeping our classrooms as healthy as possible has always been our priority - and now more than ever we want to create safe spaces for your families to enjoy making Music Together®.  To that end, our "Fresh Air" classes are capped at eight registered children.

We  meet in large very well-spaced classrooms with plenty of fresh air.  We recommend dressing for the weather each week.

Since 2005 Music Together Victoria has been using Benefect Botanical Disinfectant  (and now Benefect Decon-30) on every instrument, after each use.  Please find more information about this non-toxic powerhouse bacteriacide and virucide HERE.   We will be adding more stringent protocols as directed by the BC Ministry of Health as necessary.

While in our current Covid-19 situation, each family will have a freshly cleaned set of instruments for each and every class (no sharing and no re-use within a same day period).  

All families will be required to wash/sanitize  hands before class, and it is recommended that hands are cleaned directly after class as well; Indoor spaces will be cleaned thoroughly each morning and we will be sanitizing high touch surfaces throughout class. 

If you are your child are ill, please stay home and get well -

There will be 3 pre-recorded class videos available by request for our Mixed Age classes week so you won't miss out!



*Benefect Botanical disinfectant is suitable for use around children, pets and the chemically sensitive, and is a bacteriacide and virucide.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada lists Benefect Disinfectant as an antimicrobial product registered for use against influenza A Virus (including the H1N1 strain) on hard surfaces.